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The excitement and joy of owning a Qi wireless charging compatible smartphone is the ease of charging it, Just lay it down on a pad and you're done...!!!!

This joy is especially experienced even more during night time, when, instead of searching for the right charging cord and, if it's a micro usb cord (like in most smartphones) fumbling to get it inserted the right way... all the while trying to keep your eyes open, in the dark!!! you can just plunk your phone down on the nightstand / pad without fumbling for a charging cord -- and, if it's a Micro-USB cord, fumbling to get it inserted the right way.

Eventhough having a qi wireless charging stand or pad greatly reduces the complication of charging, you may want to put a little thought and research into the charging pad / stand you choose for your bedside table. They're not all alike, and not all ideally suited to the task.


DECIDE  -  Charging Pad OR Stand?



Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless Charging Stand

Qi chargers are basically of 2 types when it comes to the aesthetics. Pad & Stand. Pad allows you to lay your phone flat, while the stand type keeps your phone propped up vertically / horizontally on a small props your phone up on a small easel. 

The Pad type of wireless chargers are ideally suited for bedside charging. But the flip side is that if it is not levelled correctly the phone could slide out / fall down.

The latter (wireless charging stand) is typically a wireless desk charger, but if you want to use your phone as a nightstand clock as well, it's actually great because you can see the time without picking up the phone. Also if you want to watch movies / videos / do a video chat, a wireless charging stand helps you out whereas a pad may not be useful there.

The downside, of course, in both cases is that when you're half-asleep and want to put your phone down for the night, it's just a shade tougher to get it properly situated on the wireless charging pad or stand.


COILS - Single or Dual coil Wireless charger?

yourdeal dual coil qi wireless fast charging desktop stand for iphone & android smartphones

Dual Coil Wireless charger 

Most Cheap Qi chargers come with a single coil (which emits wireless charge to your compatible phone) However, my experience with this aspect is even though Qi charger with a single coil will do the job, Its better you buy a dual coiled wireless charger. It helps you to reduce the problem (mentioned earlier) of not getting your phone properly situated on the coil. Also dual coil wireless chargers would technically charge your phone faster, and allow you to put your phone vertically / horizontally.




LEDs  - Ring light or Small blinker...

Some Qi wireless charging pads go overboard with flashy LEDs, with a ring of bright or pulsing lights designed to indicate active charging. That may be okay for day time and on a desk, but it's irritating and spooky for people who who need a dark room to sleep. 

Before you buy a charger, then, check the product photos and description. Some models, for example, light up when charging begins, but then deactivate the LEDs after a few seconds. Others rely on just a small, single LED, one that shouldn't prove too intrusive at night. 

(It's funny though if the LEDs are bright, it may serve you as a night lamp...)


'FAST' Charging - Should you worry?

10w Fast wireless charging stand for Samsung devices

Models supporting wireless charging

If the purpose is only to have a wireless charger beside your bed for night time, I don't think you should be worried about 'Fast' Charging (Technically, any charging above 10W is referred to as FAST Charging). As it is, you're going to get a solid 8 hours of sleep, right?.

You should also not concern yourself with the wattage of the charging pad or even the speed at which your phone can absorb power if you own an Apple iPhone X or other Phones which DO NOT SUPPORT FAST CHARGING... Only a few models of Samsung (viz. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8 Plus, S9, S9 Plus and Note 8) support 'Fast' Wireless charging. 

For all other smartphones (i.e. those who do not support 'fast' wireless charging), only 5W power would be absorbed and using a fast wireless charger would prove to be futile / waste. So, people, please check your phone model before investing in an expensive 'Fast' Wireless charging pad or stand

Having said that, if you don't have to shell out much more for getting a Fast charging wireless charger, you should consider buying it. It makes it Future proof...


Don't spend a fortune

If you're new to wireless charging, you might think your only option is whatever pad is sold by your phone manufacturer. Nope! There's no need to spend big money on an Apple or Samsung branded Qi charger. Any third-party product will do the trick, and for a lot less cash.


For example, this slim, single-LED dual coil Fast Wireless charging stand by YourDeal, currently sells for just Rs. 1799/- on (other non branded Qi wireless chargers start from Rs. 2,499/- to 2,999/- on Compare that to the likes of this Samsung Qi pad, which runs from 3299 to 5999/-, and Apple's forthcoming AirPower mat, which will undoubtedly cost even more.

There are lots of Qi-compatible charging pads and stands priced at Rs. 1,999/- or less. When it comes to wireless and nightstand charging, there's absolutely no reason to spend more.


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