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Buy Best Car Chargers for Mobile & Tablets from YourDeal India

Need for a Car Charger

Most people carry smartphones, mobiles, tablets, GPS unit, or other USB powered devices in the car. So if you drive to work / travel for a long time, it’s worth having a dedicated USB car charger that plugs into your car’s 12-volt accessory outlet (also known as the “cigarette lighter port”).

If your Car has a USB Port for Charging / Playing Music / Plugging in USB device

Even if your car has a USB port for integrating music playback and phone calls with your car stereo, and even if that port can charge your phone, spending for a dedicated Car charger can be worth it. That’s because the built-in USB port(s) in most cars put out only 1 amp of current, which isn’t enough to charge a tablet or even newer smartphones at full speed: If you’re running an app like Maps or Google Maps, using your car’s USB port may not charge your phone faster than it uses power, so you can end up at your destination with the same battery level as when you got into the car. Even if your car’s USB port does offer higher-speed charging, most cars have only one USB charging port; Car chargers available on YourDeal India lets you charge multiple devices at the same time from a single cigarette lighter port / accessory outlet.

How to Select Best Car Chargers on YourDeal India?

Buy Car Chargers with Higher Amp Output

If you are looking for a Car charger, please check the amps it puts out. If you have a USB charger that you bought a couple of years ago, it probably puts out only 1 amp— Car chargers on YourDeal India put out from 2.4 amp to 7 amps, meaning that upgrading will provide you with faster charge times and the capability to power up tablets and other high-current devices.

Car Charger with Multiple Ports

The same applies if your charger has only a single USB port: We’re living in a multi-device age, so it makes sense to have multiple USB charging ports. And if you got your charger from a bin at a gas station counter or drugstore, there’s a good chance that it’s poorly made—and perhaps even unsafe for you or your gear.

However, if you recently bought a multiport USB charger that provides at least 2 amps from each of its ports (look for the “output” listing in the small print on the body of the charger), there’s no reason to upgrade. Though you’ll be able to charge some devices slightly faster with our top picks, the difference isn’t big enough to spend more money right now.

Of course, if you have devices that charge using USB-C, you’ll likely want a USB-C charger. All of the USB-A chargers we recommend can charge at up to 12 watts, but USB-C phones support 15-watt charging, and USB Power Delivery can provide quite a bit more power over a USB-C port.

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