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TDG M2 Band Fitness Tracker Smart Band Black

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  • TDG Mi 2 Fitness Tracker Smart Band Smart Watch

TDG M2 Band Product Description

2017 Newest Cheap M2 Heart rate and Blood Pressure Smart Fitness Band IP67 Waterproof Smartband Fitness Tracker

Model  M2 (Colorful Dynami User Interface)
Dimension  235 * 22 * 13.5 mm
Display  0.66 inch TFT
Wristband Material  TPU
Colors  Black
Waterproof  YES, Compliant with IP67
Battery Life (Working)  7 days
Battery life (Standby)  15 Days
Charging Time  2 hours
Charging Method  Inbuilt USB port (In the watch. No need of Charging Cable)
Battery  80mAh Polymer Lithium-ion
Main Functions
  • Dynamic Heart Rate,
  • Step Counter,
  • Calories Burned Count
  • Distance,
  • Information Reminder,
  • Sleep Monitor,

and so on.


Meet the TDG M2 Smart Band - a fitness tracker and a watch built into one smart band. Want to view time? Just lift your wrist. And when you want to check your fitness stats on the move, simply tap the time button. It’s as easy as that.

OLED Display

The M2 Band features an Color OLED display and a touch panel that lets you check time, heart rate, the number of steps you’ve taken, your sleep patterns and more in addition to keeping you updated about time.

Improved Pedometer Algorithm

The M2 features an improved pedometer algorithm that gives you almost exact information regarding your fitness stats. It filters out unnecessary movements and measures every step taken by you.

Built-in Motion and Heart Rate Sensor

Packed with built-in motion and heart rate sensors, this fitness band knows exactly when you begin your workout. Unlike regular smart bands, you don’t need to switch modes or set the tracker into a fitness mode before you start working out. The heart rate sensor informs you about the level of load on your body, so you can measure your heart rate and plan the intensity of your workouts accordingly.

Idle Alerts

Often, we lose track of time when we’re watching movies or working on important assignments. If you have been sitting for too long, the M2 Smart Watch Band vibrates during regular intervals to remind you that it’s time for a short walk or water break. This will help improve your blood circulation. When synced with the Mi Fit app on your phone, this smart band helps you monitor your running speed and heart rate in real time.

Easy to Unlock

Unlocking your phone has become easier and more secure as you don’t need passwords or fingerprints. All you need to do is bring the smart band near your Android smartphone and it will unlock instantly.

Incoming Call and Message Alerts

Often, when our smartphones are tucked away in bags or are in another room, we tend to miss calls and notifications. This TDG M2 smart band ensures that you don’t miss calls, notifications and messages - especially when your phone isn’t near you. Once you pair it with your smartphone, you can receive notification alerts right on your wrist.

IP67 Certified

Jog in a light drizzle or take a shower after an intense workout session without having to take off the TDG M2 Fitness Band. This fitness band is IP67 certified, making it resistant to sweat, cosmetics, dust, water splashes and corrosion.

Refined Inside and Out

The black OLED display of the M2 Fitness Tracker is UV-treated and is resistant to scratches and fingerprints. The smart band features an in Screen button across its surface for a better touch. You just need to tap on the button to conveniently check your latest stats. Within the sleek and stylish exterior of the TDG M 3 Smart Fitness Band lie powerful and impressive features, such as a 2nd-generation, low-energy-consuming Bluetooth 4.0 chipset for fast connectivity and stable data transmissions. The lightweight, high-density lithium polymer battery of this smart band can last for up to 4 days with Full Usage. Apart from that, the high-precision accelerometers and heart rate sensors are, both, accurate and energy-efficient.

Tough and Durable

The M2 Fitness Tracker from YourDeal has gone through rigorous tests and has passed them with flying colors. It can perform optimally in an environment that is as hot as 70°C and as cold as -20°C. It has also been drop tested several times from a height of 1.2 meters on a marble surface. Not only that, the Mi 3 Fitness band has also been corrosion tested 

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